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When was the last time you had good sex or even the best sex of your life? Maybe that was just days ago, maybe years. Why do you think the sex was so good? What made him special? This may differ from person to person as it also comes down to personal preference. However, there are certain characteristics and techniques, independent of individual preferences, that can make any sexual intercourse better and ensure more pleasure and fun in bed as well as a better feeling during lovemaking – including the climax. You might be able to improve your sex life if you take them into account. That’s why we want to bring them closer to you here and who knows – maybe the best sex is still ahead of you?! 

Our tips for good sex

1.) Patience & humor

Especially when you are with a new partner and you two still have to find each other sexually, two qualities are essential for good sex: Patience and humor! Not everything can work right the first time. You have to break in as a team in bed. At the same time, something can go wrong. Maybe he’s having trouble opening his bra or she accidentally lets out a vaginal pop during sex. You shouldn’t take things like that too seriously. This happens in different ways in every bedroom. Therefore: Laugh heartily or let off a casual joke (without ridiculing the other person!) to defuse the situation. Just have fun! The person to whom the little faux pas happened will immediately feel much more accepted by their partner. It signals: You can sometimes show weaknesses and it doesn’t always have to be “perfect”! The tip should not be underestimated and can have a major impact on upcoming bed stories or the further relationship status!

2.) Better Communication = Better Sex

Another thing that actually encompasses the first point is also very important: communication during sex. After all, sex is a form of communication, on a physical level. You show your sex partner with your body and your movements what is good for you and what you don’t like so much. This can be intensified with noises by accompanying the whole thing with a “Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” or “Just like that”. If you like it even clearer, you can switch to dirty talk, if that’s already too much, you can just moan or breathe deeper and more pleasurably. In this way, the pillow talk can develop into a sexual adventure.

Listen to your partner!
Incidentally, communication does not only include sex itself. Be attentive and listen to your partner when he is talking to you about certain things. Does she want a full-body massage as foreplay? Obtain massage oil and ensure a cozy atmosphere. If he gets his attention while watching TV, when the main actress strolls skilfully through the camera image in lingerie, remember what she was wearing and order similar lingerie. 
This is how you not only make your partner sharp. With this you also signal: I listen and pay attention to your wishes, personal preferences, and needs! That will get you further as a couple.

3.) Variety of sex

Sometimes sexuality is not quite as easy as one would like it to be. Just told you how you should use your body movements in bed to pay attention to what the other person likes and then row back a bit. Yes, communication is very important. But: It must not go so far that it always happens the same way between the two of you. If your partner has signaled to you in bed that he likes something, then you shouldn’t operate it every time you have sex. This loses its appeal. It’s not so exciting when it’s easy to guess which position is coming next… Many couples develop “scheme sex” over time. In order not to get into “scheme F” at all, you should make sure that you get enough variety in bed. This is a lot easier than you probably think. Suggestions? Watch an erotic film together. Read an erotic book and get inspired. Try sex positions you’ve never tried before. How about a role play? And then there are the sex toys…

4.) Sex toys – > Couple toys

Because sex toys are a great opportunity for good sex for every couple in this world. There are so many different funny sex toys that you two can have sex numerous times without repeating anything. If you want to try some out as a couple, simply research what the world of sex toys has in store for you in the BubbleFunny online shop. Classic couple vibrators are particularly suitable as accessories for both of you during sex. The advantage here is that both have something of the toy at the same time. For her, for example, the G-spot is stimulated by vibration, such as with Best Mate’s double vibrator. At the same time, he not only has better standing with Go-Soft’s “Vibro-Penisring”, but can also stimulate her clitoris. With sex toys, there are virtually no limits to excitement. Try them out! In addition, sex toys can also be used for additional stimulation. There are many different ways for men and women to do this.

5.) Focus on the clitoris

If the two of you have been using sex toys during sex for years anyway, you certainly don’t need any additional tips – but a tip on technique still doesn’t hurt. This could be of particular interest to men. How about a movement sequence that is particularly beneficial for your loved ones? Many men think that the vaginal orgasm is the Holy Grail of orgasm, but that’s not the case. Focus more on the clitoris during sex for the real holy grail of female orgasm with clitoral stimulator vibrator. You do this specifically during sex by building up some pressure by pushing your body weight towards the clitoris. And then you move in a circle. Yes – you read that right. Because of the circular movement, you slip back and forth on the clitoral bead. Pay attention to your wife’s body to see if you’re right. This movement is based on the CAT position, in which many women experience orgasms and great pleasure.

But be careful: Test yourself slowly so that you don’t overwhelm your partner’s clitoris. If you do it right, you can give the woman incredible pleasure with these movements.

6.) Earlier orgasm

If that’s not enough for you, because the climax of both parties during sex is very important to you, you should now be very careful. For most, the order of sex is clear, even pre-programmed: arousal, foreplay, penetration, orgasm, ending. But this is not so easy, especially for women. That’s why you should try a slightly different order. How about if you give your partner an orgasm or several orgasms before the penetration, i.e. during/after the foreplay. Since you are particularly dependent on your fingers or tongue (or sex toy), you should already know what you have to do to make her orgasm. Read her body to see if she likes it. Oral sex in particular is an art in itself and finger play and handling of the hands must be learned. Again, the tip applies: Don’t ignore the clitoris for the climax!

If you otherwise regularly put yourself under pressure that your partner should also experience an orgasm, this sex tip is definitely recommended! This increases the likelihood that she will have an orgasm. And after female orgasms, it doesn’t necessarily end. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Your tips for good sex

If you have tried out the tips for good sex and your love life has changed, please let us know in the comments. In addition, of course, the question from us: What are your best practice sex tips, and what made you want to? Which tips should you as a couple (regardless of your relationship status) integrate into your own sex life? You can tell about sex techniques, sex positions, or other sex boosters that are just plain fun! We look forward to your sex tips and experiences.