BUBBLE FUNNY originated in 2019. We are one of the largest offline suppliers of sex toys for women in Asia. After three years of succession and development, BUBBLE FUNNY launched its online independent brand website in 2022.
Our research and development capabilities are always of a high standard. It goes without saying that your main concern is what kind of products BUBBLE FUNNY will bring to the table and what makes you firmly choose us.Ultra-high frequency vibrations and noise reduction, smooth and seamless design, great value for money… This is what makes BUBBLE FUNNY unique and outstanding. We believe that this is why you will choose us.


A "soulmate" who understands and can excite your body

Our Principles

Sex should be fun

We found in the market of female vibrators, many vibrators are actually not convenient to use, such as poor vibration, easy to run out of power in use, sucking mouth failure, it is difficult to thoroughly clean the product…

It makes everything that is interesting tedious and lengthy. You certainly deserve better than that, but we don’t want you to feel lost in the experience. As we say, whether it’s sex or masturbation, “Sex should be fun.”

powerful vibration

What can we offer?

  • Super powerful motor brings extremely high frequency to achieve the most pleasant vibration.
  • The max decibels below 55. This not only makes the toy quieter to use but keeps you in the moment without distraction
  • Soft, eco-friendly material protects your skin and private parts. Seamless and smooth all over, simple cleaning to every part.


Due to the strength of our suppliers, we are able to offer affordable prices and high quality products. Luxury should be redefined, it should be an attitude of life: an elegant way with character and style.Our products are functional enough to rival the already well-known sex toy brands. For a product that costs up to $200, we can do it for less than half that, and the actual function is still outstanding.



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