Would you choose a good-looking vibrator or a powerful vibrator? maybe we have both! We have collected a lot of opinions and designed a variety of novel shapes, but it has not changed the powerful vibration experience. You will find that while having a good-looking appearance, it can also bring you the most powerful experience. You only need to Be good friends with it and enjoy everything it brings to you



Unlike Venus, the slender column has full access to the body. Do you like the position of penetration? There are small protrusions on the side of the column, find the position of the G-spot and stroke it. Of course it's better to aim it directly at your clitoris and the moment of orgasm will be like a million flowers blooming.



In contrast to the previous two generations of UNDINE, UNDINE III is dedicated to intravaginal orgasms. Its soft body allows you to explore it in many different ways. The way you want to thrust and the way you specifically target the G-spot will make you marvel. The original sucking mouth has been adjusted accordingly, so that it concentrates more on the clitoris and brings pleasure.



The ultimate pleasure Vibrator for an orgasmic experience! You can now experience mind blowing erotic thrills and pleasures with the new, fun, and exciting SEX TOOL. Lose yourself in roleplay, erotic play or just for mind-blowing orgasms, The vibrator targets all the bodies pleasure zones whether it be hard or soft play, in the bedroom. With 2 different designs and unique shapes, pulsations and sensual vibrations, the hammer is sure to enhance pleasure.



Seamless silky silicone is sculpted into a slender shaft that gently builds toward the base, while the rounded tip rests steadily against your G-spot, creating a tight connection with your intimate area. With 10 licking patterns and vibrations...



LINDWORM is as weird and mysterious as it appears. The huge column is full of deep and shallow gully patterns, and the powerful vibration will make you excited to suffocate...



MODE OF OPERATION:7 vibration modes+4 thumping function SIZE:206*66*40mm WEIGHT:204g USAGE:Masturbation, Couple sharing, Pulsing MATERIAL:Medical grade silicone CHARGING:Rechargeable li-battery WATERPROOF:IPX 7