THEMIS – 2 In One Wand Dildo Vibrator


Unlike Venus, the slender column has full access to the body. Do you like the position of penetration? There are small protrusions on the side of the column, find the position of the G-spot and stroke it. Of course it's better to aim it directly at your clitoris and the moment of orgasm will be like a million flowers blooming.

VÉNUS – Mini Handheld Wand Vibrator


VENUS has a voluptuous and sexy body. Her appearance is a break from the traditional stereotypical image of a vibrator, while perfectly combining the functions of a massage wang. In addition, at the bottom of VENUS, there is an oval-shaped suction port. Both functions can be controlled individually and can be adjusted to 10 suction modes + 10 strong vibration modes.

Magic Wand Toys

A wand vibrator is a type of vibrating sex toy that uses a long flexible tube called a wand. Wands vary in size, shape, material, and length. A wand vibrator is inserted into the vagina and moved around to stimulate the clitoris.