FLOVER – Vibrating Flower Sex Toy App Remote Control Vibrator


Our newest app-controlled vibrator, FLOVER, is now online. With its exquisite compact style and powerful functions, you can feel the pleasure it brings you whether you enjoy it alone or with your lover. Super vibrations, waterproof design, remote sharing, the king of foreplay!

GARDEN EXPLORER – Egg Clit Stimulation Vibrator


We find that vibrators alone can sometimes feel intensely real, but can be a bit dull. The GARDEN EXPLORER was designed to create a way to shake the whole body – a double hemisphere vibration. Follow the lines on the hemispheres and you’ll be amazed at how powerful it is. Put it in your/lover’s body and free your hands. Give her constant pleasure with the remote control. You must also want to know what interests her.

Wearable Sex Toys

Wearable vibrators are discreet sex toys for women that can be worn like jewelry or attached to your body, allowing women to enjoy clitoral stimulation discreetly while they're wearing their clothes. Get ready to explore the world of wearable vibrating sex toys.