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DRACUAL – 2 In One Cock Ring & Thrusting Vibrator


DRACUAL is a newly developed 4-in-1 multifunctional couple’s vibrator designed for double satisfaction with your partner. With 3 motors and 7 vibration patterns, this couple’s vibrator stimulates almost all erogenous zones. Breasts, anus, vagina and penis. More new and exciting positions are waiting for you.


high frequency vibration

The multi-motor/high-frequency way of working is a good combination of subtlety and wildness

10 frequency methods

Switch the frequency mode you like at will, 10 modes it will make you more and more comfortable.

Waterproof IPX7

You want to dive deeper? Nothing stands in the way of a long, relaxing bath, a refreshing shower or even a pool party.

silent friend

ALL BUBBLE FUNNY product max decibels below 60. This not only makes the toy quieter to use but keeps you in the moment without distraction.


Soft, eco-friendly material protects your skin and private parts. The sleek body will make your playtime more satisfying

USB DC/Lasting companion - 2 h

120 minutes of runtime. You know it will make you squirt in minutes.
Convenient charging method. You can charge the product anywhere USB is suitable to prepare for the next pleasure.

Our recommended usage

This triple-points vibrator have double head and one bottom, is flexible and soft, can be attached to most penises and effectively stimulate G-spot, arousing most intense orgasms and sexual pleasure.

As a rechargeable vibrator, you can just charge the vibrator with the attached USB cable; the silicone material also make it 100 Percent waterproof, antimicrobial and can be cleaned easily.

Body-safe and soft silicone: Multifunctional vibrator is made of medical grade silicone, is safe and hygienic to human body; therefore, it’s odor-free, safe and skin-friendly.

  • The DRACUAL Couple Vibrator is a unique vibrator for couples that you and your partner can enjoy! It is a multifunctional toy that you can use on both ends. Treating yourself and enjoying yourself is fun. Enjoying together with your partner is much more fun. Go crazy with this fun couple vibrator. The U-Type vibrator from DRACUAL allows you and your partner to enjoy the maximum. From now on you don’t want anything else!
  • With this unique multifunctional u-type vibrator for couples you can improve your sex life. This sex toy can be used on both ends. The round side can be used as a masturbator by sliding the ring around the penis and slowly moving it up and down. The inside of the ring is studded for extra stimulation. The two tips of the ring can also be used for targeted stimulation of the clitoris, for example. The other side of the toy is especially suitable for penetration, both anal and vaginal. The shaft is ribbed and it has a curved design, so it can also pamper the G-spot or prostate.
  • Both ends have a separate motor that can be operated separately from each other. This way the vibrator can be set exactly as you want. Both motors have 7 different positions, of which 3 speeds and 4 cartridges. If the buttons light up, hold the power button for a few seconds. Short press the + button to turn on the vibrations in the stimulator and go to the next setting. Briefly press the power button to turn on the vibrations in the vibrator and go to the next setting.
  • The toy is completely waterproof and can be charged with the supplied USB cable.

Friendly Reminder:

1. Fill up the battery for the first use.
2. Do not use the product during charging.
3. The device is waterproof, but to prolong its lifespan, please do not immerse it in the water for too long.
4. Clean the product before and after the use. Keep the item in a dry and safe place away from children.

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DRACUAL - 2 In One Cock Ring & Thrusting Vibrator