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FLOVER – Vibrating Flower Sex Toy App Remote Control Vibrator


Our newest app-controlled vibrator, FLOVER, is now online. With its exquisite compact style and powerful functions, you can feel the pleasure it brings you whether you enjoy it alone or with your lover. Super vibrations, waterproof design, remote sharing, the king of foreplay!


  • Aquamarine
  • Bright Yellow
  • Cerise
  • Iris
  • Millennial Pink



go solo

Control your FLOVER straight from your smartphone.

partner UP

partner up

Add a partner to chat, video/audio call and control their toy at the same time.


fully secure

All your data belongs to you. Our chats are fully encrypted and 100% secure. We respect your privacy!

super vibration

Small body and ultra-high frequency vibrations

Mini & UHF

The main motor is in the very centre of the flower, and thanks to the ultra-high frequency vibrations of the FLOVER, the surrounding petals are driven all around. This causes the entire flower to tremble, and underneath the flower is any sensitive area you wish to stroke. You don’t have to worry about spending too much effort to carry the weight of the machine – FLOVER is lightweight. With its ultra-small body and a full body weight of just 43.5g, you can barely feel it, but its caresses are extremely real!

Explore different ways & awaken wet garden

black line

Our design philosophy

start with flirting

The vibration of the petals makes the sense of touch more sensitive and allows for a better next step of pleasure. The delicate clitoris can blossom like an orchid with FLOVER thanks to its very good wrapping and the many small protrusions arranged on the surface of the petals.
Many products on the market focus only on the process of use, but we noticed that foreplay can help us get into a better state of mind and get a richer layering of sensations during sex.
We have developed this product to make the experience more focused and it can help you have a more complete and pleasurable sexual experience.

with our nova color



youthful & purity

Bright Yellow

warmth & energy


enchanting & ambiguous


Elegant & attractive

Millennial Pink

gentle & shy

flover size

perfect fit for you

The FLOVER’s size is mini, but that doesn’t mean it’s short. Because of its petite size, FLOVER is great to carry with you whether you are shopping, travelling, camping or at work.
Studies show that the female vulva measures 2.75 inches to about 3¼ inches and our soft FLOVER measures 3.62in wide. this size is neither too big nor too small, so whether your vulva is cold or aroused, FLOVER is definitely for you.







Safety silicone




support ios & Android

Compatible with the following devices.

iPhone/iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPod Touch (requires iOS 11.0 and newer)
Android devices (Android 5.0 and later, Bluetooth 4.0 enabled required)

App screenshots

3 preset strong and medium intensities, up to 10 customised frequencies

FLOVER is a smart remote control jumper with the freedom to customise the level of vibration you prefer. With the app, you have full control over the intensity of FLOVER's vibrations. Pick an intensity that suits you better and arrive at a deeper level of pleasure!

Our recommended use


Like a joystick

With the FLOVER stamen embedded in the vagina, you can then stroke the clitoris over a large area like a joystick.


Wrapped in the palm

The most recommended method! Stimulate your sensitive zone at a curved angle (the curved shape is really suit for the clitoris)


Free to control

Give your lover control of FLOVER, wherever he/she is! (recommended film mode when you are alone)

just like...



Charging instructions

Frequency changeover mode – the two white lights next to the button flash according to frequency.
Charge mode – the two white lights next to the button flash rapidly and when fully charged they are always on.



packing list

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Additional information


Aquamarine, Bright Yellow, Cerise, Iris, Millennial Pink


FLOVER - Vibrating Flower Sex Toy App Remote Control Vibrator