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THEMIS – 2 In One Wand Dildo Vibrator


Unlike Venus, the slender column has full access to the body. Do you like the position of penetration? There are small protrusions on the side of the column, find the position of the G-spot and stroke it. Of course it’s better to aim it directly at your clitoris and the moment of orgasm will be like a million flowers blooming.


themis head

A grooved head

The groove around the head is perfect for fitting the clitoris. For the position of the clitoris, the shape of the groove is better suited to cover the clitoris without dislodging easily.

not suction but shocking

The eight soft little protrusions pound the clitoris at a very high frequency. The rounded grooves around the outside are designed to bite into your clitoris in one piece. The slimmer body of the THEMIS makes holding and enjoying it a simple task.

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Friendly Reminder:

1. Fill up the battery for the first use.
2. Do not use the product during charging.
3. The device is waterproof, but to prolong its lifespan, please do not immerse it in the water for too long.
4. Clean the product before and after the use. Keep the item in a dry and safe place away from children.

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THEMIS - 2 In One Wand Dildo Vibrator