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The female breast makes you want to, that’s for sure. With its soft hilly landscape and harmonious curves, it is simply beautiful to look at and it is not without reason that it has been a symbol of fertility, motherhood, femininity, and eroticism for thousands of years. It is the center of ancient drawings, sculptures, and rites, an object of desire and at the same time a place of security. Whether big, small, plump or naturally beautiful: Boobs trigger an unbroken fascination for their viewers. They are insanely sensitive and belong to the erogenous zones of the body. In women, the stimulation can even lead to orgasm. What? – What? To orgasm? Yes, you read that right! The so-called “nipple orgasm” actually exists and can become a completely new, extraordinary experience with the right stimuli. In this article, you will learn how to perfectly stimulate your partner’s breasts.

The breast is a highly sensitive being!

“Roar at her!” – exactly the wrong motto when it comes to pampering and caressing the feminine foothills of the Alps. There are many nerves in the breasts and nipples, which react very sensitively to touch, depending on how they are on the day and their cycle. The size of the breasts also plays a role, because small breasts are more irritable than large ones, which is why it requires a lot of sensitivity. Before being stimulated on the nipples is even arousing, some preliminary work is required. Gentle stroking, rubbing, and kissing stimulate the body and mind so that the nipples are placed in the right starting position to be ready for more intense stimuli. The areolae contract and the nipples become stiff. The bosom is supplied with more blood when aroused and now longs for all kinds of teasing. Gentle to strong kneading of the entire breast, light squeezing, pinching or twirling the nipples, or licking and sucking the nipples: anything that pleases is allowed.

Sexy Breast Stimulation Tips:

  • 1. Suck it, Baby!

Nipple suckers are perfect for making the nipples really sensitive. The small silicone suction bells create a negative pressure, which continuously stimulates the nipples. With a dab of lubricant, the little helpers stay in place and feel super exciting. While the nipples are getting really hard, a wave of pleasure can be triggered again and again by gently pulling on the nipple suckers.

  • 2. Pampered as light as a feather!

After the little buds have become extremely sensitive thanks to the teats, they can be caressed by gently stimulating them with feathers. This sends pleasant shivers of bliss through the whole body. Especially pleasurable blindfolded!

  • 3. Good vibes!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a finger vibrator, a massage wand vibrations and stimulation are a pleasure for the nipples! Similar to the clitoris, they react to the gentle or intense waves with strong excitement. No wonder, because both areas are connected in the brain!

  • 4. You could get stuck!

If the stimulation with nipple suckers is not enough, you can literally go one better and reach for nipple clamps. The small metal aids are clamped directly to the nipples and can usually still be adjusted so that the intensity of the pressure can be regulated. A little pain is known to be very exciting!

  • 5. laying on of hands desired!

Is there anything more erotic than a really hot massage? No! Breasts in particular not only look shiny when oiled, but they also enjoy a breast massage particularly well. Therefore, devote your full attention to both breasts, use a sensually scented massage oil, and off you go on the wild ride over mountains and valleys!

  • 6. So hot and cold!

Yes, they’re a classic, but that’s exactly why they belong here. Ice cubes are a tried and tested means of choice to ensure arousal. The nipples are extremely sensitive to cold, and it gets even better when you play with heat and cold. Suck on the nipples with your hot lips and then tease them again with ice. You can also use a metal or glass dildo that you alternately dip in hot and cold water. A hot and cold pleasure gain!

The foreplay must have an aftermath

As hot as breasts are, they are quickly forgotten as soon as the actual act of love begins. The stimulation of the nipples during sex is an absolute secret weapon to literally bring HER to orgasm in no time. So, dear men and women, please don’t forget in the excitement that the boobs deserve your attention beyond the foreplay. Because let’s be honest: Very few women can achieve orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone. And if you don’t lend a hand yourself and help clitorally, you’ll be left behind. It doesn’t have to be. A hand on the breast shouldn’t be too much to ask despite all the concentration on the primary sex organs. Because gently squeezing and pinching the nipples can be done in almost any position and ensure that complete ecstasy is not long in coming. The missionary position also offers the absolutely perfect starting position to further tease the lust buds: by blowing, licking, and sucking. So an intense orgasm is guaranteed!

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